Ramadan is again coming. Best wishes to all my friends. Here I will be discussing about Ramadan. What is Ramadan? What is Ramadan fasting? What is Ramadan Dua etc.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. It is the most venerated month of the Islamic calendar. In this month all Muslims fasting over the world. The Muslims all over the world abstain from the food and drink during the daylight hours. Actually only fasting is not enough Ramadan is much more than it. The Arabic word of fasting is "SAWM", which is literally means to refrain. And it is not only to refrain from food and drink but also from evil action, thoughts and words etc.

During Ramadan every part of the body must restrained. The things we always do like backbiting and useless gossips our tongue must be restrained from these things. Our eyes must be restrained from looking unlawful things. Our hands must not touch or take things which does not belongs to us. Our ears must also be refrain from listening to bad words, unlawful things or idle talks. And our feet’s must also refrain from going to sinful places. Basically in Ramadan the every part of body must observe the fast.

What is Ramadan

Therefore in Ramadan Kareem the fasting is not only physical but spiritual as well and it is the total commitment of our body and soul to the fast. Ramadan is the time to purify our body and soul from impurities and to refocus worship of ALLAH.

Ramadan Rules of Fasting

For every Muslim who are fasting there are two essential rules for his/her fast to be accepted.

The first one is Intention (Niyat for Fasting in Ramadan)

You must have the intention or niyat to fast before fajr every night during Ramadan. The intention is not necessary to be spoken because it is the act of heart and it does not involve the tongue.

The second is to keep abstained from the acts that nullify the fast

If one maintains these two rules then his/her fast will surely be accepted to Allah.

Scientific Benefits of Fasting in Islam

Boost Your Brain

The scientist of USA carried out a study and found that the mental focus during the Ramadan increases the level of brain derived neurotrophic factor, which causes body to produce more brain cells and thus improving brain function.

A distinct reduction in the amount of the hormone cortisol, produced by adrenal gland, it means the stress level is also reduced during Ramadan.

Ditch Bad Habits

You will be fasting during the day so it is the best time to ditch your bad habits, like smoking etc. UK's National Health Services said that it is the perfect time to ditch smoking.

Lower Cholesterol

A team of cardiologists in Australia found that people enjoy a positive lipid profile in their body who are observing fast during Ramadan which means there is a reduction of cholesterol in the blood. And low cholesterol increases cardio vascular fitness which greatly reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease, or heart attack.


As in Ramadan each part of our body observe fast even our soul so it cleans us spiritually. And physically fasting acts as a great detox for your body.

Absorb More Nutrients

The amount of nutrients you absorb from the food increases during Ramadan. This is because a hormone called adiponectin. This hormone is produced by fasting and eating late at night and it allows your muscles to absorb more nutrients.

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